Weight Loss - How to lose it and keep it off! - The Weight Loss Protocol

I coach from a 4-phase weight loss protocol that is 100% based on proven science of your body's metabolic system.  I utilize the science of an unbalanced, low carbohydrate, low fat, RDA amount of daily protein, protocol-based diet system.  These are temporary and safe restrictions for your body to covert to burning body fat as your main energy source.  During the Phase 1 and Phase 2 we will restrict cardio workouts in order to assist your body in burning as much fat as possible.

I typically get predictable repeatable results that are measurable by the following:

Women – Can lose 2-5 lbs. of FAT per Week!  Up to 10-12 lbs. per month.    

Men – Can lose 5-7 lbs. of FAT per Week!  Up to 12-15 lbs. per month

Phase 3 – We begin stabilization by adding in fruit carbohydrates, grain carbohydrates in a specific and controlled manner in order to create a natural weight wall to stabilize. 

Phase 4 – This redefining your NEW LIFESTYLE to keep the weight off!  The 365 days after your weight loss are the most crucial in order to keep it off!

Keeping Healthy is a life long commitment and takes EDUCATION and WORK to make it happen!  I have the PROVEN PLAN, sign up to get started with world renowned coach Linzy Donofrio – The Las Vegas Weight Loss Princess!

How to Get Started:

1.  Gradual Lifestyle Shift:  I can assist you in making better choices long term by creating better habbits.  Place your first order, and you will be emailed meal plan to create better habbits.  

2. Complete Lifestyle Make-Over -  We will utilize the cutting edge techology to create a custom plan based on your current weight in order to burn fat and lose weight while we create NEW HEALTHY habbits. 

Once your goal weight is achieved, we phase off the Weight Loss portion to begin stabilization and maintainence.  Depending on how much weight you have to lose will determine how long you are on Phase 1 - the Weight Loss portion of the plan. Typical repeatable results:

Men eliminate 12-15 Lbs. per month

Women eliminate 10-12 Lbs. per month

The phase off to maintence is a 30 day process.

We can only coach from Commitment, so If you are ready, Let's DO IT!